The past few months have certainly put us all in a circumstance we never imagined. Our hearts go out to all those suffering at this time.

The cottages at South Cathedral Farm have remained empty (of course) as is the case with all accomodation in Australia and many parts of the world. While we isolate, the magic and beauty of the surrounding wilderness remains and we feel very lucky to enjoy the views of Cathedral Ranges daily and breathe in the fresh winter air.

When visitors can return they can look forward to a lovely wine selection, a cup of hot chocolate or tea and a wind down by the fireplace. Wouldn’t that be nice?

We’re not entirely sure when we will be reopening the cottages in 2020 though we think it will be Mid-July. We are making sure we understand any new cleaning standards required to ensure all our guests feel safe, happy and welcome.

In the same spirit of always writing about something nice for our guests to do or see we thought we’d leave you with a link to Reach Out, who offer ten ways to take care of yourself during Coronavirus. The article also has a very cute picture of a pet owner doing some yoga with her fur baby.

Click here to read the full article

Thank you and we hope to see you back at South Cathedral Farm soon.