The beautiful Summer is here and it’s time to bask in the glory of Buxton and surrounding towns like Marysville.

Our seasonal pick for the best place to visit in the region in summertime is:

Keppel Lookout at Marysville
The Keppel Lookout is pictured above and will give you four absolutely stunning viewpoints above Cathedral Ranges, Stevenson Falls and Marysville Township.

You can drive to the lookout (with the air-conditioner on) and enjoy a short 50 metre walk to the lookout.  The road is unsealed and steep but most cars will have no problems getting to the car park.

For those who love to hike you can get to the lookout on a 15 km circuit.  The track is graded difficult and the walk in considered the best in Marysville.

Here’s a link to Google Maps.

While you’re at it why not go local for your lunch and dinner? We’ve compiled a list of places to eat out in Marysville and Buxton.

Buxton Hotel
Phone: +61 3 5774 7381

The Duck Inn Pub
Phone: +61 3 5963 3437

Fraga’s Café
Phone: +61 3 5963 3216

Elevation 423
Phone: +61 3 5963 3312

For more ideas to explore and enjoy the surrounds at South Cathedral Farm check out our dedicated local attractions page.